Tuesday, June 1, 2010

euro bites

today i did not eat caviar. i don't even like caviar. i did, however, rediscover this photo taken in denmark a few years ago. it tempts me to change my mind about the little orbs, but i'm not sure enough time has passed to give them a second chance just yet.
when i visited my aunt shmounie in denmark for the first time, she couldn't believe that i wouldn't like anything a danish fisherman could offer. she was convinced that the only reason i thought i disliked fish, and seafood in general, was because i grew up in chicago and we've got slim pickins on the good stuff. looking back, i'd have to say she's right, but when i first tried fish in denmark i hated it and no amount of lemon seemed enough to mask the fishyness of it...  despite the trauma, i gave it a second chance, and when i tried it again i couldn't get enough.  maybe one day i'll feel that way about these guys:

i also found these photos of marzipan fruit, taken from outside a shop in milan. those apples look pretty legit...

eat your fruits and veggies...


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